This is an album of the Aegean sea underwater world and it's creatures photography, wich was made by me in summer of 2007 at the shores of North Greece.

The compilation includes only a tiny part of the diversal flora and fauna of the place, gives only a dime notion of the unbelievable underwater landscapes, a blue crystallness of seawater, about the net of specks on a sand and the fantastic feeling of flying free...

Due to this is my first getting-to-know the basics of the underwater photography (one can't take those disposable analog toys seriously), I had less acceptable results, than I'd like to. In addition, being dissappointed by my first shots, I mostly have started to shoot video (it will be mastered to pieces and uploaded later). So, most of the pictures you will find here are done at the very last day of our vacation, during a four-and-a-half hour long final swim. As it used to happen with me, the memory-card appeared to be almost full, and I had to count and to calculate every shot. That is why some great shots were taken in quite a low resolution, or simply missed because of the lack of space. I surely hope to fill in these by next time.

Before we start, I'd like unselfishly to advertize things that made my dream come true: that's a Canon PowerShot 700 digital camera and an Ewa-Marine U-AMZ universal underwater camera case. We had no other equipment except for masks, snorkles and flippers (and a small bag for collecting shells as well). Moreover, some shots (like a small fish runs and one of the octopusses) were taken from shore. That means, all these amazing wonders can be observed by anyone who simply would like to see the Nature.

Pressing the F11 key on your keyboard will open the album full-screen, enabeling you page forward by clicking the big image comfortabely. HAVE A NICE JOURNEY!