The mutability of flora and fauna on an approximately one meter high part of a cliff is demonstrated at this picture.

The top of a rock is covered with brownish, shaggy Jania rubens seaweed, where the little ones like Pagurus hermit crabs and a tiny actinias hide. Taking a swim upon this bushy carpet may cause you belly to get stung, not seriously, but feelable.
The vegetation becomes less fluffy, lighter in colour, with a dose of green a little lower. It's a place where little gobbies sunbath, and on the naked parts of a stone snails, coralls and urchins (who dislike to crawl a bushy area) are sitting. Urchins (one sits at the right) graze on algae with five teeth of Aristotle's lantern, or pull the food to the mouth with pedicellariae.
The realm of sponges and fragile green algae starts lower, in a shade of upper gardens.
Polychaetae, haliotis and cypraeas huddle in the dark places there.
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