...And there are plenty of neighbours one need to be in good relations with. A Painted comber Serranus scriba turned away showing it's yellow tail.

In return, at the grotto's entrance, right under the middle fish, lies a very special spiky and horny Jut. I suppose that this is a disguised cuttlefish Sepia. I did not notice it at the place, but I strongly suspect that this is really it because of previous and subsequent chance of meeting it.It has a great resemblance indeed.

A radial-patterned round at the right is an upside down shell of a Patella, placed on the back of a sea urchin.
The shell cannot be called remarkable at it's convex (upper) side, being plain, imperceptible and usually overgrown with algae, though inside it's stripy, covered with a semi-transparent layer of nacre, that sparkles in a spectrum from lilac to deep purple if exposed to the sun.

Sea urchins enjoy to decorate themselves. As soon as they grope a shell, a piece of glass, or a twig, they pull it on to their back with the help of spikes and pedicellariae and keep sitting smart.
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