When out of the Bay, turning right will lead one to the Dracula's Castle (do not confuse this rocky island with the Sea-gulls Realm). There is a cliff-mass on a half way to it: spurs surrounded by white boiling foam rise above the surface, and through the middle goes a ravine that it might be visited only if the sea is tranquil, else, one would be thrown to the stones. Once the canyon is entered, there is no way back but to swim to the outlet, so narrow it is.
Yet, the temptation of entering could be resisted hardly, so fabulously amazing is a diminutive world of this gorge: the bottom is covered with rounded holes and tiny caves, fauna is still unthreaten, and flora covers walls with a thick luxuriant rug.
The pass gets wider in it's middle, forming a hollow called an Anemonia Dell. Both walls and ground are covered with swaying copses of actinia tentacles.

The picture features a small part of the Dell's bottom. At the lower right side lies a body of a little Eriphia verrucosa crab, that has got too close to the deadly tentacles, but was too big and pancered to be eaten by actinia.
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