Stained sea cucumber, the holothuria is viewable at the left. Unlike it's lying on the bottom like sausages less colourated relatives, this one is an endemic specie to rocky splits and rifts. I have took one in my hand a pair of years ago (an outstanding event, because usually they are stuffed very tough). It discarded it's bright yellow lungs out immediately and started exhaling a spider-web like fluid secretion, that entangled me with extremely sticky threads and got hardened. The web was so strong, that I had to scrape it off myself at the shore, using a diverknife, howling in pain of extirpating follicles, and still, within next two days I have been covered with it all over. Do not be worried for the holothuria itself,— spitting out lungs is a kind of defencing mechanism, so it regenerates fast.

Next to Cucumber is a lovely Chromis chromis fish, then a lighter and a darker sponge, then, closer to the right edge, a slightly visible round on the bottom is some kind of Discosoma actinia.
At the upper trench two urchins are foundable, and upon the one is barely seen beyond a ledge, there is a pair of tiny tooth-like Balanophyllia europaea corall, right as one more pair is located below the fish. In addition, there is a red sponge at the upper left corner, that means, we see twelve animals of nine different species at the single picture.
At least, twelve.
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