An octopus is watching you.
I've dived for a shell of Haliotis, that is viewable at the left side of the picture, but it appeared to be old and dim, yet an octopus sitting next to it was great.

A blunder of an evolution: when seeing a human, an octopus hides into a crack instead of swimming away, that makes him absolute vulnerable, because, as usual, a crack is too small to give a shelter, so it's scared eyes stay outside.
If to extend a hand stroking (petting) it between eyes (feels like touching some satin and thin rubber), it screws up eyes in a funny way and will try to blow your hand away with a strong current of water from it's syphon.
A lovely and cute creature I adore.

Pay attention to the second eye, that is seen as a silver crescent of cornea. The anatomic structure of an octopus eye is very perfect and is similar to one of human, with the difference, that human focuses a look by changing the convexity of the crystalline lens, yet, an octopus moves it relatively to retina, focusing almost like a camera. In addition, every eye sees separately, just like chameleon's, with a common field of view of almost 360 degrees.

At the lower side of the picture a Halimeda tuna seaweed looks like little green coins.
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