Yet, no horrible thing had happened: the muraena is looking at the swimming away damsel. I guess, it was hungry indeed.

The whole body is viewable here, so we may try to define it's size... The distance from the edge of it's nose (notice amplifying the sense of smell pipes on the nostrils!) to the beginning of the dark stripe on it's neck would be equal to the lenght of my index finger, that makes exactly 8 centimeters. Measuring a picture on the screen with curvimeter (firstly with analog, later with software) and wrighting down a simple proportional equation confirmed an eye-based estimation of muraena being around 85-100 cm long.

This one was, actually, the third muraena seen in this season.
The first one was found in grotto, spectaculary waving it's body in the rays of sun comming through the break in the vault (I looked from the side). It was the same as this one in colour and pattern, and I had a chance to glaze at it as long as five minutes, before moving to the shore ready to blow with the delight and a desire to share my impressions.
One more muraena, that was brownish-bordo-gray with a pattern of marmoreal light stains was seen by an occation for few seconds only. I've noticed aside a rapid movement upwards: the predator hidding in the cave has attacked a fish, missed it and slowly pulled itself back to the dark den. It's smelling pipes on the nose where opened wide as a pair of fringed flowers.
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