Привет с морского дна:)
Allow me to bring to your attention the second album covering the amazing animal and vegetal world of the Northern Aegean Sea.

This album excels from the great number of picturesque and highly professional online albums by the fact, that all the pictures of it were made without using scuba, any other special equipment, or training. That means, everyone who has a mask, a snorkel and the elementary Desire may easily see all these wonders (and even more) for him/herself.

Along with the possibility to share impressions, the main task for me is the popularization of considerate and careful relation towards the Sea, an attempt to show how beautiful and attractive are it's all-round inhabitants we sometimes do not even guess about.

The publication of the material was delayed for a long time because of it's volume, as well as due to the deplorable lost of 320 pages of ready Russian text. Everything had to be written again, from the very beginning and in intense conditions. Nevertheless, I think, it was worth the effort.

The gallery is divided into five parts (+the addition):

   • The Bay, where our merrily filled out with the wind awning stands for many years in succession.
     This is the largest part for an obvious reason.

   • The Cliffs, that close the Bay from the left, are full of interesting places
     where we will peep in search for the dwellers.

   • The Sands stretch beyond the Cliffs with their peculiar bluish world are slightly
     isolated from other landscapes of the album.

   • The Island is located about one kilometre offshore,
     entices with it's dizzy sceneries and abundant, unscared life.

   • Via Flabellina, was carried out to meet the Nudibranchia sea slugs
     and is described in the final part, because it has been accomplished during
     the last day of the vacation.

Browsing between gallery's parts, as well as scrutinizing the satellite map of the place during the process of breathtaking reading is possible by clicking the little Wind Rose located in upper right corner of the page. Paging forward is easily performed by clicking the image itself or using thumbnails at the right column. Then again, don't forget about the full-screen viewer F11 key, that might facilitate browsing for owners of small monitors.

Welcome to the recreation!
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